Songs By Donald Morin and late Jimy Sidlar

A fast song

  • 1. A fast song
    6m 6s
  • 2. can't wait to get back to you.mp3
    7m 2s
  • 3. Excerpt Hear a Synphony
    8m 54s
  • 4. I want you
    4m 42s
  • 5. Indians & Dogs song ii
    3m 41s
  • 6. check your life
  • 7. Indians & Dogs song iii
    4m 10s
  • 8. Little Jam-NDN & DOGS
    4m 24s
  • 9. longer Jam-NDN & DOGS
    6m 55s
  • 10. longest Jam-NDN 7 DOGS.mp3
    4m 36s
  • 11. New-Land bound
    3m 33s
  • 12. THe Gypsy In You and Me
    2m 23s
  • 13. The Well May Be Dry
    4m 6s
  • 14. Two Eagles Dancing
    6m 36s
  • 15. Track 15
    2m 13s
  • 16. Track 16
    6m 18s

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26 octubre 2019


I met Jimy through Spirit Song Native Indian Theatre Company after seeing his command performance  in Noon Day Demons by Peter Barnes. I knew I immediately wanted to work with him. March 23rd, 1992, Native Revisionist Creations, was incorporated with artistic partners Kimberly Ann Flynn and Jimy Alias Sidlar for “Creative Ventures In the Fine & Performing Arts” and the continuous development of Mr Morin’s Film work. 1992 and 1993 were difficult years which involved re-writing of the screenplay, a multi-media performance of Indians & Dogs  at the 1992 Earth Voice Festival, and a video/dance collaboration between Christine Elsey and Donald Morin. Mr. Morin maintained outside work with The Karen Jamieson Dance Company, Headline Theatre, and various day employment as a principal actor for film and video independents. Mr. Sidlar and Mr Morin continued to perform throughout Lower mainland Indians & Dogs music of which all this music developed out of our rehearsing and jamming. Jimy sadly passed away a few years ago, and I miss playing with him. But his music is alive here, so enjoy Mr. Sidlar’s music. 

(TEXT from NUMBER ONE MUSIC) A brief history lol. Jimy Sidlar passed away this October 2016. I give all the credit to Jimy Sidlar and my late foster mother Anne Bilan and her son for developing my musical training and experience. Auntie Ann for getting us piano lessons, her son Bill Bilan for getting me guitar lessons, 1969, and Jimy for shaping my voice . After years pushing my voice, straining it and singing from my throat , not my stomach and lower muscles. So I am going through thousand of hours of tapes of Jimy and I rehearsing (1990 to 1995), Guitars consisted of two Attilas, one Stratocaster, Takamine guitar , and a Fender acoustic guitar. (1978-1990) consisted of me singing to an empty wall with one mic in the "She kicked it here, kicked it here" Yamaki guitar, and one mic taped to an broken lamp stand (Suite 604, 1750 Davie Street years Vancouver and 1000 Parker Street warehouse days with Colin MacPherson, Piet van Dugteren, Amanda Smith, Debra Charley, and others avec Carnegie Theatre Guild.) Former associate Leonard Fisher Jr, Reztown studio buddy called it that, when I told him the story of my floundering youth, and my son's beautiful late mother kicked the guitar out of her anger. The first time in Edmonton , when I worked on the oil rigs and we had an argument. I fixed that hole in the back, but then in early Vancouver when I messed up, she kicked it again. That hole I kept and threw the mic into it as a pickup lol. I Loved Danielle with all my heart, and we have a beautiful son , who now has his own family. So God is great. We were common law, so we had problems, my repressed past which crept into our life, worthlessness, abandonment issues, and she was young, beautiful, but I was not ready to be in a relationship and she could not handle my insecurity. I will not say more, my early play two way street contains aspects of that relation through drama , conflict and lost love (Unpublished). Apologies on the long winded message, My voice was shit as a young man, but my life and its progression as a young native child, and young man living in an extreme racial society, I was determined not to give up on what I thought I wanted in life. And I guess that was playing music, writing, creating, even if I Was by myself in my empty room, and attempting to find meaning in my life. So apologies on early recording., There are more a record of my signwriting period of life. God bless you all, do the best you can in doing his work, and :"live life to the fullest, and walk gently on this earth" Last quote by my former wife Laila Hansen, a beautiful talented performer /filmmaker from Greenland. She does background vocals on my early Monsieur Cote mix on my youtube channel. The stream with the OKa voices mix around beginning of take; Love to you all

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