The Gift of Creation, Freedom and Choice

 Good Morning , this last day symbolically of Humankind's days of freedom, as The Affirmative Culture prepares to remember the fallen soldiers in the wars since I assuming the Great War , the First World War of the twentieth century; How far have we moved forward since the WW II, K War, V war, Gulf war, 911, and today with the uprisings, Asian protests, Bolivia, Trump, and now the notion of separatism in the western area of Canada? From the creations as humans produce (as in the accompanying image I created) in all its systems materiality and digitally, has any good come from our daily machinations of thought and movement. Rhetorical questions as we must remember all the good that is exists in the world regardless of the increasing madness growing around us. Secular and spiritual protectionism building up each day on the good and evil sides of the fences. We must remember all that blood that was spilt on the ground long before these wars, as all the good people who died battling the evil of this world which is real, part of us as having our eyes and minds open knowing the difference between good and evil. Movie politicians pronouncing, "the people do not want to hear death and gloom stories, predictions or any other nonsense to keep them from enjoying life. Neither do I, I have such more work to do, areas to improve my life so I can help others. What will my "brand" be after the real me is gone and buried? Images, sounds and streams will exist of me, but what value would they be if I wasted my life here if all these values and notions of defining who we are of BRAND, VALUE, PERSONALITY, EXPERIENCE, PERCEPTION, and TRUTH is based on material abstract ideas not spiritual concrete definitions? In this creation exercise, I took a capitalist marketing graphic (Bottom left corner) and played around. I am not looking for comments , replies, criticism, clarity, or exactness of words presented. They are signifiers as are the visuals purely for wonderment and triggers of moments to wonder what the hell am I trying to say ???lol Nothing. All those Indigenous People who died in the NDN wars, all the colonial wars , Indigenous People world wide fought to protect their land, mother tongue and family should not be forgotten as well. As Tomorrow, November 11th is an important day to reminds us of our Gifts we are allowed daily. Thank you all for your time. God be with you all XOXOX Donald Morin, CEO of and  A pdf  poster is avaiable for download 



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10 noviembre 2019


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