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  • 11s

    DMorin Films Media Ad II

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: DAMMEDIA

     Keeping your Ads short for the swipe and Go Generation, give me a try, Fun to work with

    Something for all you conspiracy theorists :-) Having fun with digital media : #giveMeAtry, #Fun2workWith

    uploaded date: 15-09-2018

  • 58s

    Iglu:Angirraq Trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: folger

    Trailer for Iglu:Angirraq, a look at the housing and homelessness crisis affecting Inuit in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

    uploaded date: 15-09-2018

  • 10m 12s

    Ex-con straighten outs her life through sewing her Traditional Arts.

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: Edaanet'e

    Released is a film about Karen Nicloux, a member of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nations in Mayo, Yukon. For years Karen struggled with drug abuse. She was in and out of jail for drug dealing in the Yukon. On one of her stints in jail, she picked up a needle and thread and began sewing a butterfly sash/belt and hasn't stop sewing. 

    uploaded date: 14-09-2018

  • 59m 19s

    Archive Tour

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: IBC

    uploaded date: 14-08-2018

  • 4m 37s

    Episode 4: Kivitoo - What they thought of us?

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: Kivitoo

    In 1963 families living on the land at Kivitoo were relocated by RCMP to Qikiqtarjuaq, a town 50 km to the south, with the promise they could return, only to return to find their homes bulldozed and belongings destroyed.

    uploaded date: 13-08-2018

  • 59m 19s

    Nunavummi Iqqaumajavut

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: IBC

     Since the 1970’s, IBC has been recording Inuit stories from an Inuit perspective – an estimated 9,000 hours of unique footage. In 2015, we began the process of cataloguing and digitizing these videos and have created the Inuit Film and Video Archive. Videos can be accessed online at www.isuma.tv/ibc.

    uploaded date: 03-08-2018

  • 7m 38s

    Kiviuq Returns Taloyoak

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: Koolkiaq

     Kiviuq Returns Taloyoak

    December 2017

    Taloyoak Nunavut Talent show

    video & edit

    Joseph Quqqiaq Jr

    "Koolkiaq's Production Enterprise"


    uploaded date: 19-07-2018

  • 32m 27s

    Episode 7: Caribou Hunt With Peter Suwaksiork

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: Caribou

    In October of 2015 Zach travelled to Arviat, one of the southernmost communities in Nunavut, along the western coast of Hudson Bay. The area is known for its incredibly large herds of caribou.

    uploaded date: 06-07-2018

  • 55m 29s

    Episode 6: Seal Pup Hunt

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: Seal

    It’s June and time for the spring seal hunt. People travel on the melting sea ice looking for cracks and breathing holes in the 24-hour daylight. Zach follows elder Louis Uttak on a family seal hunt, as he shares his expert hunting knowledge and tells stories of his past life living on the land.  

    uploaded date: 05-07-2018

  • 32m 40s

    Episode 5: Walrus Hunt

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    canal: Walrus

    Inuit of the Igloolik region have been hunting walrus, incredibly large and sometimes dangerous animals, for thousands of years – caching and fermenting their meat for the long winter ahead. We first follow Zach on a winter hunt, as hunters venture out by snowmobile to the floe edge in search of walrus, and a more common summer hunt by boat.  

    uploaded date: 05-07-2018