Video on Demand

IsumaTV automatically re-compresses every uploaded video to five different versions for Streaming (i.e. view-only) depending on the different internet capacities of viewers:

1. High HD (1080) and Low HD (720) deliver highest quality Streaming to viewers with fast internet bandwidth;

2. High SD and Low SD deliver lower qualities to viewers with moderate or slow internet;

3. Mobile allows viewers to watch videos on mobile devices.

IsumaTV now accepts uploads of any size video including 1080HD and stores the original video version on our Servers.

These Servers allow cloud-based backup to guarantee preservation of highest quality digital archive versions of each program.

In addition to view-only Streaming, IsumaTV allows viewers to Download the original quality version of any video if a media organization chooses to make Download available. This allows media organizations to manage a Video-on-Demand (VOD) service for delivering highest-quality versions of selected videos from their archives on IsumaTV.

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