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Chapter 2 Los viajes del Cantador (Marakame Yeiya-reiya)

Acerca de

18 octubre 2007


Los viajes del Cantador (Marakame Yeiyá-reiya) (The Chanter's Voyage) is a indigenous film project that tells the stories the jicareros - those who have a traditional responsibility in the huichol community - live in order to accomplish all the trips and

Filmmaker: Pablo Fulgueira / Ramón Carrillo

Filmmaker Contact:

Producer's Name: FONCA / Centro Ceremonial Tserie'kame / Enramada

Year of Production: 2007

Distributor Information:

Alonso Degert Leonardo Da Vinci #101. Colonia Mixcoac. México telephone: (52) 55 5598 3550 / (52) 55 1 5412 5339

Country: Mexico

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