WITNESS Training Initiatives

WITNESS regularly conducts on-site trainings with our Core Partners, teaching them how to document human rights abuses safely and effectively with video and how to use video to further their advocacy goals.

Ultimately, we give our partners the necessary skills to become self-sufficient in their use of video in advocacy. In some cases we also build their capacity to train other groups in their communities that want to incorporate video into their work -- an important step toward achieving our goal of creating self-sustaining video advocacy initiatives worldwide.

WITNESS Training Initiatives

  • What is Video Advocacy?

    Read an overview of video advocacy and review Case Studies that provide examples of successful uses of video advocacy by WITNESS partners.

  • Video Advocacy Tools

    Watch the WITNESS video, "Video for Change," and review a sample Video Action Plan to guide video advocacy efforts.

  • Technical Tools

    Watch and read "Tips and Techniques," the WITNESS video and handbook that guides users through the essentials of creating videos.

  • Seeding Video Advocacy

    Learn about short-term training opportunities for organizations and individuals outside the WITNESS partnership structure.

  • WITNESS' Video Advocacy Institute (VAI)
  • Learn about this intensive training that teaches human rights activists how to use video effectively in their campaigns for change.

  • The WITNESS Book

    Read about "Video for Change: A How-To Guide on Using Video in Advocacy and Activism" and download the book in English, French, Russian, Spanish or Arabic for free!

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