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"Child of two Lands"

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16 février 2011


 ‎"Child of two lands". A new Fiction/ Animation/ Documentary project by David Kinsella.
The project is in production at present and finished late 2011.
The original pilot film has 316 000 views, and can be watched on:-

The film is made from ancient folktale from the Indigenous tribe of the Dinka in South Sudan.
A lioness is searching the world for the most beautiful man in the world.

Opening text:-

"Where I come from, there is no
winter, just one long summer.

The sun travels from the East to
the West during the day and by
night travels the same route
back, in order to arise anew in
the East.

Where I come from, we measure
distances by the number of days it
takes to travel them on foot.

We didn't wear any clothing. We
were innocent people of nature
before the strangers came.

Where I come from, we believe that
everything has breath and feels
pain; everything deserves to be
treated like human beings.

Animals and other creatures feel
safe with the people of certain
clans, who consider them relatives,
and do them no harm.

Sometimes, lions and crocodiles go
to the homes of their relatives to
be given food. They eat and leave
without hurting anyone."

Pictures by David Kinsella.

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5m 58s


animated films, David Kinsella, Dinka, South Sudan

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