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The Time is Now, Maannauliqtu

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17 novembre 2009


Synopsis:Campaign ad for Franco Siutiapik Buscemi, QIA elections

Filmmaker: Franco Siutiapik Buscemi

Year of Production:2009


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1m 44s


buscemi, elections, franco, QIA, Qikitaaluk, Qikitani, siutiapik

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English, Inuktitut

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    • 53s


      uploaded by: siutiapik

      chaîne: Franco Siutiapik Buscemi


      Ever since before he could walk you could leave Tujjaiju at a berry patch to pukuk while you gather berries peacefully.

      Whether they are green unripe berries, or just right, or last seasons unpicked berries exposed during spring melt he’ll eat them all.


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      uploaded date: 05-07-2011