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IBC Takujuminaqtut 936, Rankin Inlet residential schools, 1992

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28 février 2016


IBC Takujuminaqtut 936, Rankin Inlet residential schools, 1992, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation Rankin Inlet, Host: Leo Subgut. Inuktut.

Segment 1: For over 100 years, Aboriginal children were removed from their families and sent to institutions called residential schools. The last residential schools closed in the mid-1990s. In 1992, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission went to Rankin Inlet to hear from the public about residential school experiences. Some Elders are shown giving a presentation to the group. Segment 2: The Ajungittut Society organized a supper gathering where each mayoral candidate gives a speech about what they would do if elected Mayor for the town of Rankin Inlet.

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