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Aqtuqsi (My Nightmare)

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21 octobre 1996


An aqtuqsi is a dream from which one must wake up, a paralyzing nightmare. "I decided to put my aqtuqsi in video. It's so interesting because it is not a nightmare or a regular dream: an aqtuqsi is something that can paralyse you when you're sleeping."

Filmmaker: Mary Kunuk

Filmmaker Contact:


Visit our website www.arnaitvideo.ca or www.isuma.ca

Producer's Name: Arnait Video Productions

Year of Production: 1996

Distributor Information:


Arnait Video Productions, 5764 ave Monkland, Montreal QC, H4A 1E9 Canada, tel +1.514.486.0707 fax +1.514.486.9851 info@arnaitvideo.ca

Country: Canada

Region: Canadian Arctic

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4m 42s


Aqtuqsi, Mary Kunuk, nightmare, sleep

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Keewatin Region, NU, Canada