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Issaittuq (Waterproof)

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10 février 2007


Issaittuq (Waterproof), Igloolik Isuma Productions, Artcirq 2007, Filmmakers Bruce Haulli, Kenneth Rasmussen, Guillaume Saladin. Inuktut w/Eng s-t.

This second Isuma-Artcirq co-production by Igloolik youth is a story about a young Inuk who lost his love. Using alcohol to put reality and the past behind, the past keeps hunting him. When he loses control and beats up a man on the street he is sentenced to two months in an outpost camp, where a hunter is waiting for him. www.artcirq.org.

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45m 11s


alcoholism, Artcirq, ift_community_Igloolik, outpost camp

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Keewatin Region, NU, Canada

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