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28 décembre 2008


Isuma uses video and online technologies to open a window on indigenous reality.
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  • 6m 3s


    uploaded by: Liselotte Wajstedt

    chaîne: Sapmi

    "Reindeers" is one of two films created for the Dance performance "SAMI" by swedish coreographer, Charlotta Öfverholm. The film was shot in one day in northern Sweden. It was filmmaker Liselotte Wajstedt's first visit to a reindeer garden.

    Filmmaker: Liselotte Wajstedt

    Filmmaker Contact:


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    uploaded date: 03-11-2008

  • 8m 11s

    Old Peter

    uploaded by: Steps Southern Africa

    chaîne: WhyDemocracy

    The dialogue between people, nature and gods is based upon a sacred knowledge and mythology. In the modern world only a few cultures based on myth survive. This film takes us into the word of Old Peter, the last surviving Shaman of the Kazym River.… En savoir plus

    uploaded date: 25-09-2008

  • 2m 13s

    Coureurs de nuit

    uploaded by: wapikonimobile

    chaîne: Wapikoni

    No longer able to hunt their prey the way their ancestors did, the young Wemotaci have become night runners through the deserted village. And can they ever run! They run for fun or just to exhaust themselves—until the police go after them. A fresh and lively filmmaking feat.

    Filmmaker: Shanook Néwashish

    Filmmaker Contact:


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    uploaded date: 13-05-2008