Jude Norris aka Tatakwan

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14 janvier 2010


Experimental shorts & video installation works by Jude Norris/Tatakwan. See more of my work at www.JudeNorris.com

I'm a Plains Cree Metis multi-media artist from Edmonton, Alberta, currently based between Toronto & NYC. My video production is based in my visual arts and performance (live art) practice. Like all my work, my videos incorporate contemporary style with Cree cultural perspective, approach and subject matter. My works focus on relationship -     to self, others, animal world, environment, territory, technology, spirit world & time/timelessness. I strive to create/share beauty, and my imagery is carefully shot to create painterly images. The 'story-telling' often unfolds in a non-linear manner, mirroring Indigenous understanding of the circularity of time.



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