Maia Iotzova

Postproduction Supervisor

Maia Iotzova is a visual artist and a filmmaker, who has been working with Kingulliit productions since 2015. Originally from Bulgaria, Maia has brought her own intercultural experience to her work with Inuit. Inspired by Kingulliit’s style, which prioritizes the power of the human experience, Maia has worked in the post production section of Kingulliit helping to bring that style to life through editing, and post production supervision. She helped train Inuit in video editing and has been instrumental in implementing a North-South editing system, which gives our Northern editors liberty and support. She also brings her artistic experience to various projects of Kingulliit. She contributed to the Time Machine comic stories, and is currently leading the interactive map project “On The Land with Noah Piugattuk".

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02 février 2019


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