New Land 2013 Expedition Documentary Summary

Visual Treatment:
New Land will draw the viewer into a polar expedition in a visceral way. With all team members filming through every conceivable condition the viewer will be able to breathe the icy air and share in the fatty meals which sustain explorers in the cold. A series of diary-cam style interviews will engage in a very truthful way as the team brings viewers into their world and also reflects on the stories and personalities of those who first explored Ellesmere.

The film will also document the team as they undergo their journey. The ups and downs of polar travel will come through emotionally as we see the team’s reactions to majestic peaks, awe-inspiring fjords, otherworldly sea ice rubble, and the intoxicating hues of the every changing Arctic light.

At the same time the expedition will take time to shoot truly spectacular scenery, natural history, and vivid time-lapses to capture the rapidly changing moods of the High Arctic. POV (point of view) cameras, like GoPros will provide action filled perspectives from kites and sleds when the team is on the move.

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22 novembre 2012


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