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Painting with Brian Kowichuck and Sheree McLeod

Host Margaret Noksana speaks with Brian Kowichuck and Sheree McLeod about their art practices, while they tell stories, and Brian guides them all on creating a landscape painting. LIVE April 27th, 2022 on the Tunnganarniq Show.

Brian was raised in both the Inuvik and Tuktuuyaqtuuq regions. With roots in both worlds, his expression of truth is through his art. Working for the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Brian is finding himself passionate about the work through the community.


Sheree is an Inuvialuit multidisciplinary artist from Inuvik, NWT. Mainly draws portraits with skills in painting, sewing, embroidering, beading, sculpting, digital art, photography, video editing, and more. Her focus is bringing her culture into her artwork.


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