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Meeting the Ancestors | A Arca dos Zo'é (english subtitles)

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30 mai 2008


Indigenous Peoples: Waiãpi and Zo'é

Chief Wai-Wai goes a trip to meet the Zo'é, a recently contacted group whom the Waiãpi met through video. Both tribes speak Tupi-Guarani dialects and share many cultural traditions, but the Zo'é are currently experiencing phenomena of contact that the Waiãpi experienced twenty years ago.
The Zo'é afford their visitors the chance to re-encounter the way of life and wisdom of their ancestors.The Waiãpi, on the other hand, bring the Zo'é information on the dangers of the white world that this isolated group was eager to understand. This movie conveys the warmth, joy and humour that quickly develops between these people, and is the intimate portrait of a friendship between chiefs.

1993 | 22 min
Direction: Vincent Carelli and Dominique Gallois
Cinematography: Vincent Carelli
Editing: Estevão Tutu Nunes
Images in VHS: Kasiripinã Waiãpi
Realization: Centro de Trabalho Indigenista

More information: http://www.videonasaldeias.org.br/2009/video.php?c=56


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