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Lien vers: NIRB Presentation of the Baffinland Early Revenue Phase Proposal
Welcoming remarks from his worship Charlie Inuarak, Mayor of Pond Inlet.Opening remarks by the Chairperson with Introductions.Inukttitut versionCanera : David Poisey ...
Portrait de Carol Kunnuk
2014-04-04 18:15
Lien vers: NIRB Public Hearing in Pond Inlet - Part 2/8
Jan 27, 2014 Day 1 Swearing in /affirmation of proponents witness and marking exhibitsPresentations by the proponent - note time for questions by board members.Introductions...
Portrait de Carol Kunnuk
2014-01-29 02:00
Lien vers: NIRB Public Hearing in Pond Inlet - Part 1/8
Jan 27, 2014 Day 1 General OpeningOpening remarks by the Chair Person with introductions and overview of procedual history structure of proceeding.Welcom remarks from his...
Portrait de Carol Kunnuk
2014-01-29 01:44
Lien vers: Rare footage of Late Simon Sigjariaq
Rare early footage of Late famous musician Simon Sigjariak aka Johnny Cash of the North. With musicians Paul K Irksuk, John Kuksuk. Original footage IBC. Digitization/Editing...
Portrait de ARVIATTV
2014-05-30 12:54
Lien vers: Inuit Cree Reconciliation
In the documentary film Inuit Cree Reconciliation, Zacharias Kunuk and Neil Diamond team up to research the events and historical impacts of a 1770's war between Inuit and...
Portrait de IsumaTV
2013-02-12 18:49
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