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Lien vers: Umingmak Frolics 2013 Drag Races
 Drag Races from 2013 Umingmak FrolicsCambridge Bay, NURuns 27:36Shot and edited by John Main
Portrait de mainjohn
2014-02-21 15:59
Lien vers: B-Roll Footage
Short edit of b-roll footage with ayaya music recording from the Inuit Cree Reconciliation documentary film.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-02-22 11:37
Lien vers: Zach travels the Nastapoka River
Zacharias Kunuk talks about the journey from Kuujjuarapik Whapmagoostui up the Nastapoka River.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-03-01 11:02
Lien vers: Inuit War Story
Jake Anuwakat, an elder from Umiujaq (Quebec), tells a story of how Cree attacked Inuit in the region.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-03-08 14:36
Lien vers: Cree War Story
Maggie Natachequan, an elder from Whapmagoostui, tells the story of how an Inuk attacked a Cree camp.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-03-15 15:17
Lien vers: Montréal to Kuujjuarapik
Co-Directors Zacharias Kunnuk and Neil Diamond along with actor Natar Ungalaq travel to Whapmagootsui-Kuujjuarapik.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-03-25 14:00
Lien vers: Cohabitation
Alex Tukatuaq (Inuit elder) talks about living with the Cree in Kuujjuarapik-Whapmagootsui.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-04-15 16:09
Lien vers: Cree Apology
Cree leader appology to the Inuit people at the Inuit-Cree Peace Ceremony.
Portrait de Cara Di Staulo
2013-04-19 17:51
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