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Lien vers: Nothern Haze: Living the Dream
Rocking the North hard and heavy since 1977, “Northern Haze: Living the Dream” tells the story of the first known Inuit Rock Band to sing in their native tongue....
Portrait de Artcirq
2015-02-04 12:58
Lien vers: Traditional Clothing Igloolik Style
Susan Avingaq from Igloolik is the director of this video produced with a grant from Canada Arts Council.
Portrait de Marie-Hélène Cousineau
2009-11-20 16:53
Lien vers: IKCC Commentaries
Listen to people's reactions and comments about Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change.You can also follow co-director Dr Ian Mauro's blog here!
Portrait de David Ertel
2010-12-07 13:10
Lien vers: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change
 COMMENT or DISCUSS the filmVideo on Demand Download in SD Download in 720p HD Download in 1080p HD BOOK A SCREENING, rent or buy the film from Vtape +1.416.351.1317...
Portrait de Ian Mauro
Ian Mauro
2009-04-29 13:31
Lien vers: Icebergs on ice, teaser
UPI production and Ujâvaaq Picturesteaser from « Iceberg on ice »camera and editing:Ulannaq Ingemann
Portrait de bertrand lozay
2015-02-13 23:39
Lien vers: Drum Dance Instructions/Jose Agutingurnirq
video & edit Joseph Quqqiaq Jr Taloyoak,Nunavut. Drum Dance Instructions by Jose Aguntingurnirq Kugaaruk,Nu.
Portrait de Koolkiaq
2014-05-04 05:28
Lien vers: Dancing Natsiaq's/2012 Square Dance Showdown/Taloyoak
video & edit Joseph Quqqiaq Jr Accordion music Joseph Quqqiaq Sr. Taloyoak,Nunavut "Dancing Natsiaq's 2012 square dance showdown" Taloyoak,Nu.
Portrait de Koolkiaq
2014-05-04 04:13
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