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Lien vers: "Mining on Aboriginal lands...where vulnerable people are..."
Gordon Edwards, from the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsability, tells us that uranium mining is done on aboriginal lands where mining companies find vulnerable people...
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2010-11-29 16:26
Lien vers: Makita anti-uranium evening:period of questions 2
Period of questions and remarks by the audience at the anti-uranium evening organized by Makita in Iqaluit Nov.18th.
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2010-11-29 20:01
Lien vers: Makita aniti-uranium evening:period of questions
Dr Helen Cadicott and Gordon Edwards answer some questions from the audience in Iqaluit. In english and in Inuktitut.
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2010-11-30 01:18
Lien vers: Introduction to Makita evening by Sandra Inutiq
On November 18th the organization Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit introduced anti-uranium activists to an Iqaluit audience. Here Sandra Inutiq, Chairperson of the organization...
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2010-11-26 14:13
Lien vers: Traditional Clothing Igloolik Style
Susan Avingaq from Igloolik is the director of this video produced with a grant from Canada Arts Council.
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2011-03-17 16:53
Lien vers: Takuginai S 2 Ep 4 - Stories of the Hunt
 Stories of the HuntENGLISHIBC - 1996Host: JohnnyProducer: Takuginai CrewExecutive Producer: Rosie SimonfalvyDirector of Network: Poasie JoamieTakuginai (Look Here) --...
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IBC admin
2014-09-16 14:15
Lien vers: Crowdsourcing for Dignity
MC2 co-founder Giovanna Mingarelli visits the Arviat Community Greenhouse project in Arviat, Nunavut while representing Global Dignity at the Arctic Inspiration Prize...
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2014-09-17 00:52
Lien vers: Global Dignity Canada
GLOBAL DIGNITY DAYOn October 15, 2014, role models from across the country and around the world – including parents, educators, athletes, Senators, former and current...
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2014-05-20 13:34
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