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Lien vers: Elisapee Ishulutak on Traditional Medicine, White Ravens and Animal Health
English Transcript: Back then, nobody hardly got sick because we were the only family out there. Nowadays, everyone is mingling amongst communities, and we get sick. It was...
Portrait de John Hodgins
2010-10-29 18:36
Lien vers: Northern Internet Distribution Panel
Video of the Panel: New "Broadcaster" on the Block: IsumaTV's New Licensing Partnership, held Oct 23, 2010 at imagineNATIVE Film+Media Arts Festival, Toronto....
Portrait de IsumaTV
2010-10-31 01:02
Lien vers: Mission de Paix 2009 | Peace Mission 2009 | Clip 2
 bilingual english | french A Peace Mission down the St Lawrence in canoes, uniting Natives and non Natives to spread the message of Unity. Une Mission de Paix...
Portrait de SunBow
2010-11-02 14:44
Lien vers: Inaugurational Ceremony Fire - El fuego cermonial de la inauguración
Al final de la ceremonia de inauguración de Festival se prendió el fuego.At the end of the Festival's ceremony of inaguration the fire got started.
Portrait de samcc
2010-11-02 18:22
Lien vers: SAQRAKUNA Programa de Televisión en Quechua
SAQRAKUNA es un programa de televisión juvenil quechua producido por la Asociación Tarpurisunchis en Apurímac Perú el año 2009.Este programa es uno de los seis que se...
Portrait de Tarpurisunchis
2010-11-02 20:29
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