Under the dual direction of head seamstress and Igloolik elder, Atuat Akkitirq (nominated for a Genie Award in Achievement in Costume Design), and a group of highly-skilled local seamstresses created the magnificient clothing worn by the characters in the film.

Costumes were designed to distinguish the principle characters. Some clothing designs were unusual or from other regions, such as the polarbear-skin silapaq (pants) of the evil shaman Tungajuaq, indicating that he is a stranger from 'up North'. The shamans wear special clothes to signify that they have supernatural powers. The camp leaders are clothed in a parka with a long tail. Atanarjuat and his rival Oki are outfitted with distinctive clothing as well.

Clothing for women in the film was made from traditional designs known in the Igloolik region.

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15 October 2009

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