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PArtial PLayback media for Talking Story Screenplay


26 February 2019

1198 ḵing gan

The Eagle Feathers Film & Music Corporation has been formed Feb 2019. 


Good Morning all February 26th, 2019, I deleted the original  stream of talking story film due to too many copies. I have been busy of late, but made some little changes. Still lots more work to do, Funding applications, filing my corporation, website up, cinematographer, and always need more support and understanding. I know I have not pleased some in my life as an artist, activist, straight to the point attitude, and now my love for our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who was, is and is to be in a very short time! Today, there are healing programs for many and many good indigenous and non-indigenous people out there doing God's work. Building communities, retaining ones language and ways back to the land and nature resources. But these prophetic times are not going to go away. Time is quickening, geo-masts are slowly shifting and the animal world knows it as 52 polar bears take over a town in Russian due to shifts in temperatures, ice disintegrations, and well, you guys get the picture. For neither from the lack of love from God or from his angels and spirit guides, they would want us to believe that. The materialists of this world with their fleshly desires painted on digital numbers, codes, CSSS styles and anything to take your mind off the real issues of the world. Talking Story Who IS Your Name Indigenous Resistance AKA Lefty's Revolution is a project which James Nicholas and I were discussing in my times with him before his timely fall. I was devastated the day I found out, and of course he is now with his ancestors watching over us, laughing, teasing, and being James. I was ready to give up on this project many times since 2007, first grant app, 2010 start, and as you my colleagues know, grant rejects par for the course, and we move forward. Dreams, James comes to me, to tell me "to keep going, don't stop..." 2019, I thank you Jesus for all my friends, and colleagues here because you pre-destined all of this in your glory, so that the Holy Spirit can guide us here together to share the Great Creator's vison for his end times. SO that we can share John Stewart's words of your great times a coming; your Talking Story, as you ask Who IS Your Name? Ok there is it is folks.  I need your peoples help and talent. I have not sent up the email to my new website yet, but will do so soon. God bless you all and your families. family is everything . Have a great day!

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