Elders Work with Young Women


02 July 2019

390 ḵing gan

Igloolik elder Madeline Ivalu and media artist Lucy Tulugarjuk work in collaboration with Jenna Amarualik and Jackie Qrunnut in a project showing traditional skills through live broadcastings.
Lucy and Jenna collaborate with NITV Office Manager Jacky Qrunnut, in Igloolik, Nunavut to record long time actress and founder of Arnait Video Productions, Madeline Ivalu.
During these live broadcasts, Madeline shares her traditional knowledge with young people on how to make seal skin mittens.
This project was created to give traditional knowledge to young people from our inuit elders.
The shows were divided up in four stages 1) Introduction Of Seal Skin, 2) How To Prepare Seal Skin Patterns,
3) How To Cut Up Seal Skin Hide, and 4) How To Stitch Seal Skin Mitten Patterns
There are four Live broadcastings on Isuma.TV website and the Isuma.TV Facebook page, hosted in Inuktitut by Lucy Tulugarjuk, and co-host Jenna Amarualik. The schedule was divided into four Live broadcasts, between January to middle of February, 2019, every Friday afternoon between 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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