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13 August 2018


10 August 2018

1835 ḵing gan


11h 55m 56s
  • Duration: 40m 14s

     3 actors from Kiviuq Returns came to Cambridge Bay to put on a theatre show for the community on Kiviuq Returns, they had a three day training with some of the students from Kullik Ilihakvik school to take part in the show and showed the community in the evening on their last day before leaving to another community.

  • Duration: 58m 23s

    First Isuma recreated fiction. A late-winter Inuit camp in the 1930's. Four families build a qaggiq, a large communal igloo, to celebrate the coming of spring with games, singing and drum dancing. A young man seeks a wife. The girl's father says no, but her mother says yes...

  • 01:38 Movie Night | Saputi (Fish Traps)

    Duration: 30m 35s

    As summer ends near Igloolik in the 1930's, three families build a saputi to trap fish going upriver for the winter. The days are getting shorter and young people daydream, while waiting for fish to come. But nature is not always predictable....



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  • Duration: 1m 38s

  • Duration: 1h 2m 17s

    Nanook "Polar Bear" and ensemble of interviews. From December 8th and 9th, 2000.

    Producer's Name: NITV

    Country: Canada

  • Duration: 33m 51s

  • Duration: 1h 32m 8s

    Je reviendrai comme un enfant

    Actor Nasi Sayegh, a stranger in a foreign land, listens to stories of naming from the residents of the Arctic community of Igloolik, drawing a wonderful interrogation on identity.

    A film by Christian Merlhiot

    France, 2013, 92 minutes

    English & French Subtitles

  • Duration: 36m 32s

    A documentary about Northern Haze famous Inuit Rock stars from Igloolik

    Living the dream 

    Film by Derek Aqqiaruq

  • Duration: 28m 51s

    Episode about walrus hunting.

    Producer's Name: Zacharias Kunuk

    Year of Production: 1989

    Country: Canada

  • Duration: 29m 58s

    Hunting With My Ancestors, Episode 3, Dog Team Bear Hunt.

  • 06:54 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 1: Bowhead Whale Hunt

    Duration: 49m 51s

    Inuit have hunted bowhead whales for thousands of years, using stone tools to hunt these 25 ton mammals. In 2016, Igloolik received a tag to harvest a bowhead; Zacharias Kunuk documents this hunt - from the selection of hunting captains and planning

    Hunting With My Ancestors Episode 1: Bowhead Whale Hunt, Isuma, Kingulliit Productions 2017, Director Zacharias Kunuk.

  • 07:44 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 7: Caribou Hunt With Peter Suwaksiork

    Duration: 32m 27s

    In October of 2015 Zach travelled to Arviat, one of the southernmost communities in Nunavut, along the western coast of Hudson Bay. The area is known for its incredibly large herds of caribou.

  • Duration: 30m

    Hunting With My Ancestors Episode 2: Net Fishing Under the Ice, Isuma/Kingulliit Productions 2018, Director Zacharias Kunuk. Inuktut w/Eng s-t.

  • 08:46 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 6: Seal Pup Hunt

    Duration: 55m 29s

    It’s June and time for the spring seal hunt. People travel on the melting sea ice looking for cracks and breathing holes in the 24-hour daylight. Zach follows elder Louis Uttak on a family seal hunt, as he shares his expert hunting knowledge and tells stories of his past life living on the land.  

  • Duration: 4m 24s

    Camera: David Poisey
    Sound: Richard Lavoie
    Editing: Maia Iotzova

  • Duration: 4m 36s

  • Duration: 5m 54s

  • 09:57 Hunting With My Ancestors | Episode 5: Walrus Hunt

    Duration: 32m 40s

    Inuit of the Igloolik region have been hunting walrus, incredibly large and sometimes dangerous animals, for thousands of years – caching and fermenting their meat for the long winter ahead. We first follow Zach on a winter hunt, as hunters venture out by snowmobile to the floe edge in search of walrus, and a more common summer hunt by boat.  

  • Duration: 3m 31s

    Overview of Tipi Raising (Video 1)

  • Duration: 1m 12s

    Laying out the Canvas (Video 2)

  • Duration: 2m 49s

    Measuring the First Pole (Video 3)

  • Duration: 3m 15s

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  • Duration: 3m 28s

    Tying the Poles (Video 5)

  • Duration: 3m 27s

    Raising the Tripod (Video 6)

  • Duration: 2m 5s

    Adding Poles (Video 7)

  • Duration: 2m

    Placing Canvas on the Structure (Video 8)

  • Duration: 1m 21s

    Finished Tipi and Takedown (Video 9)

  • 10:53 Ningiuq

    Duration: 11m 25s

    In 2009, Rachel Uyarasuk, elder of the Inuit community of Igloolik (Nunavut), evokes the ancestors whose name she received at birth. She explains how this transmission ensured their return among the world of the living.

    A film by Christin Merlhiot

    France, 2014, 11 minutes, animation

    Inuktitut with English & French subtitles

  • Duration: 15m 28s

    On May 5, 2013 Zacharias Kunuk went polar bear hunting with his brother Laben Kunuk. They managed to catch a bear as Zacharias filmed the hunt.

    Camera: Zacharias Kunuk

    Editor: Carol Kunnuk

    Running time: 15:25

  • Duration: 2m 19s

    A storybook called "Ulluq inuusingani Qalaapiuk" (Qalaapik's day). Uqalimaagaq atilik "Ulluq inuusingani Qalaapiuk."


  • Duration: 4m 7s

    The legend about Kautjakjuk. Kautjakjuk didn't have any parents. He slept in the front porch of the igloo in between two dirty dogs. Every night, he would sing to the moon. One day, a man from the moon came and told him "I want to whip you so you will get bigger." He whipped Kautjakjuk and so he became a big person, bigger than everyone else and he hid in an igloo.

  • Duration: 21m 54s

    Producer: John Aulajut - Arviat - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Location: Arviat, Nunavut

    Segment 1: This is a video (of low quality) showing people fishing at ice holes on a lake and taking a break in a tent.

  • Duration: 3m 47s

    Takuginai, Greenland-Nuuk, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, 3 mins.

    Short video of the capital of Greenland (Nuuk). Tarrijaasaq Akukitturmiut nunangani.

  • Duration: 3m 45s

    A storybook about the legend of Nuliajuk (the Sea Goddess). Nuliajuk wasn't respected by the people he lived with. His family were moving to another land and left him alone. Nuliajuk swam to one of the kayaks. The person who was paddling went where the deepest ocean was and pushed him off the kayak. Nuliajuk tried to hold onto the kayak, but the man cut the tips off his left fingers.

Ḵwaan sda: Igloolik Television