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17 June 2009

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Everything you want to know about Cape Breton moose!

UINR–Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources– is releasing two new books on the importance of moose to the Mi’kmaq people at Membertou’s Heritage Park on Tuesday May 27 at 11:00 am.

“Tiam:This is our Story” is a children’s book written in English and Mi’kmaq that tells the story of moose in Unama’ki from the appearance of the first “spirit” moose to the present day.

Illustrated by Dozay and written by UINR’s Lisa Young and Clifford Paul, it is both entertaining and educational.

Funding was provided by Mi’kmaq–Nova Scotia–Canada Tripartite Forum’s Fund for Social and Economic Change.

“Tiam: Mi’kmaq Ecological Knowledge–Moose in Unama’ki” gathers traditional knowledge of moose and its importance to the culture and survival of Mi’kmaq people now and through the ages.

It also looks at the work of the Moose Working Group who have developed voluntary guidelines for Mi'kmaq moose harvesting.

Written by Nadine Lefort with Clifford Paul, Ernest Johnson and Charlie Dennis, the book features an illustrated look at every part of the moose that is traditionally used by the Mi’kmaq people, “The Whole Moose.”

Funding was provided by Nova Scotia Department of Aboriginal Affairs. Parks Canada, andMi’kmaq–Nova Scotia–Canada Tripartite Forum’s Fund for Social and Economic Change.

The book release will feature short readings in Mi’kmaq and English. Free copies of the books will be available (one per person) and there will be door prizes and snacks available.

UINR’s Executive Director explains why moose are so important to the organization, “For many years UINR has worked closely with groups like Parks Canada, Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources,and the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs on a moose management initiative that brings Mi’kmaq, Canadian, and Provincial governments together on co-management.

An important part of this initiative has been educating Nova Scotians and our Mi’kmaq communities on Mi’kmaq rights and responsibilities.

These booklets help educate children and adults on the cultural importance of moose to the Mi’kmaq people and the important role our traditional ways of management play in ensuring moose will be there to benefit all Nova Scotians for generations to come.”UINR is Cape Breton’s Mi’kmaq voice on natural resources and the environment.

Forestry, marine science research, species management, traditional Mi’kmaq knowledge, water quality monitoring, and environmental partnerships are among the organization’s responsibilities.

Representing the five Mi’kmaq communities in Unama’ki–(Eskasoni, Membertou, Potlotek, Wagmatcook and We’koqma’q) on natural resources issues, UINR contributes to an understanding and protection of Unama’ki’s ecosystem through research, monitoring, education, and management.

By integrating netukulimk (traditional Mi’kmaq management) with traditional and conventional ways of understanding, known as Two-Eyed Seeing, UINR takes the lead on best-management practices in Unama’ki.


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May 21, 2014

IsumaTV Trailer 1

IsumaTV Trailer 1. IsumaTV website hosts video, audio and text files as well as unique digital multimedia projects. This Trailer's clips:… Read more
May 20, 2012

Live Webcast, Human Rights and Climate Change

Sheila Watt-Cloutier's lecture, "Not the Time to COP Out," from Mt. Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, presented LIVE ON ISUMATV starting 6 pm EST (7 pm Atlantic), November 29, 2011. SKYPE call-in Q&A following the talk is available for any viewer, Skype Username: isumatvwebcaster.

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November 27, 2011

LIVE webcast IFC Sami Film Centre

IsumaTV will provide a Live Webcast of the Indigenous Film Conference hosted by the International Sami Film Centre based in Kautokeino, Norway, October 27-29, 2011.

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October 26, 2011

Digital Indigenous Democracy APPROVED

Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream approved a $1 million investment in IsumaTV's newest initiative, Digital Indigenous Democracy, for 2011-12. For more information, see attached files.

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July 28, 2011

Sami Film Center news

International Sami Film Center announces a brand new program for projects, Please spread this information, through your website and network. We hope that your collagues will apply.
For more info,

contact: Åsa Simma

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July 28, 2011