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Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 10: Qaisut


02 December 1995

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Nunavut (Our Land) TV Series Episode 10. Igloolik, Summer 1946. After the walrus hunt everyone is happy. There will be lots to eat for a long time. Children climb the famous cliffs of Qaisut, exploring paths and ruins left by hunters from the ancient times. Good walrus hunting doesn't only attract Inuit. Suddenly, Grandmother sees a polar bear after the meat. Quickly, men and dogs rush to protect the camp.

Filmmaker: Zacharias Kunuk, Paulossie Qulitalik, Norman Cohn

Filmmaker Contact:;

Producer's Name: Zacharias Kunuk, Paulossie Qulitalik, Norman Cohn

Year of Production: 1995

Distributor Information: Vtape

Country: Canada

Region: Igloolik; Nunavut, Canadian Arctic

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28m 54s


cliffs of Qaisut, Nunavut (Our Land) Series, walrus hunting




Igloolik, NU, Canada

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