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    Igloolik's Experience Preview

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    channel: DIAMA

    IsumaTV traveled to Igloolik, Nunavut (Canada) to test out IsumaTV, DIAMA and the new Inuit Culture Education site. We installed two servers in both, the Elementary and High School, to allow teachers and students to access the website at high-speed and interact with it. … Read more

    uploaded date: 19-03-2010

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    Zacharias Kunuk with Lloyd Lipsett, Formal Intervention, NIRB Technical Hearing, July 23, 2012, Igloolik, Part 1/2 3:13 English Version

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    channel: My Father's Land

    Zacharias Kunuk with Lloyd Lipsett, Formal Intervention, NIRB Technical Hearing, July 23, 2012, Igloolik, Part 1/2 3:13 English Version. Zacharias Kunuk, speaking Inuktitut, describes his childhood growing up in the heart of the Baffinland mining region, going to school in English, eventually becoming a filmmaker.… Read more

    uploaded date: 14-10-2016

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    Zacharias Kunuk with Lloyd Lipsett, Formal Intervention, NIRB Technical Hearing, July 23, 2012, Igloolik, Part 2/2 1:18 English Version

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    channel: My Father's Land

    Zacharias Kunuk with Lloyd Lipsett, Formal Intervention, NIRB Technical Hearing, July 23, 2012, Igloolik, Part 2/2 1:18 English Version. Zacharias Kunuk concludes his and Lloyd Lipsett's presentation calling for up to date media technology and an Interactive Multimedia Human Rights Impact Assessment.

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    uploaded date: 13-10-2016

  • IsumaTV Exclusive

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    IsumaTV and NITV present an exclusive channel with select films available to view online on IsumaTV. We are collaborating with a wide range of artists and filmmakers and are proud to host these shared works.

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    uploaded date: 16-07-2015

  • Haida Film Project

    uploaded by: Jonathan Frantz

    We are developing a dramatic feature film about Haida people and culture, in Haida language, that is made by Haida people. The Haida Film Project is a collaboration between The Council of the Haida Nation, IsumaTV, and UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning.

    This website contains content related to the Haida Film Project.

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    uploaded date: 26-08-2014

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    NIRB Hearing for Mary River Project - IsumaTV

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    channel: Pond Inlet | Mittimatalik | ᒥᑦᑎᒪᑕᓕᒃ

    The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) public hearing in Pond Inlet (Nunavut) to assess Baffinland’s revised Early Revenue Phase proposal and Environmental Review for the Mary River iron ore mining project.

    Day 1 (January 27, 2014)

    IsumaTV’s Digital Indigenous Democracy’s presentation by Zacharias Kunuk and Jonathan Frantz (in English)

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    uploaded date: 03-04-2014

  • DID in the News!

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    Inuit filmmaker uses multimedia to empower remote communities

    Isolated communities join the political dialogue through Digital Indigenous Democracy initiative Culture

    brandon [at] whistlerquestion [dot] com

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    uploaded date: 31-01-2014

  • DID in the News!

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    channel: DID News

    Zacharias Kunuk Creates Cultural Internet for the Inuits of Canada

    By Bernadine Racoma 

    The Inuit hamlet of Igloolik, the place where celebrated film producer and director Zacharias Kunuk, himself a member of the Inuit tribe, received his education, became the first site for an innovative high-technology cultural Internet broadcasting project two years ago. The Globe and Mail reported on January 22 that the project, called the Digital Indigenous Democracy (DID) will help give birth to a new breed of grassroots filmmaking. It is centered in 10 communities of the Nunavut and is expected to make a big impact, i.e.,

    “It could have a big impact on the use of indigenous languages in digital media and on how isolated Northerners understand — and perhaps alter — the futures being dreamt for them in office towers in Calgary and Toronto.“

    Zacharias Kunuk

    Fifty-six year old Zacharias Kunuk is a Canadian Inuk director and producer. The multi-awarded director is widely known for “Atanarjuat,” the first dramatic feature film in Canada that was filmed entirely in the Inuktitut language. Inuktitut is also called Eastern Canadian Inuit or Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, one of Canada’s principal Inuit languages.

    Kunuk is the co-founder and president of the Igloolik Isuma Productions, an independent Inuit production company, which is the first in Canada. His partners include Norman Cohn, Paul Apak Angirlirq and Paul Qulitalik.

    Climate change project

    He was the grand winner in nine film festivals around the world, including Cannes. He became an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2002. With Ian Mauro of the School of Environmental Studies of the University of Victoria, he co-founded the Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change Project. The project aims to collect information on the impact of climate change on the Inuit environment and culture from the Inuit elders’ perspective. The project will be turned into a film later and they have already submitted a project video to the United Nations in 2009.

    Big plans for the Inuit community

    While his cultural Internet project was started two years ago, Kunuk is more inspired than ever because of the technological advances in communication. The changes that have happened in the past two years provided Kunuk with the experience and the means to protect and possibly strengthen the language and lifestyle of his people. He and his partners want to save languages that have survived for 4,000 years.

    Kunuk wanted to build an Internet that is capable of working audio-visually so that his people will be able to use the Inuit language. Their project was started with an initial $1 million grant from the experimental stream of Canada Media Fund. They were hampered by the low-bandwidth at that time, forcing the Northerners to use text in English to communicate. They are in the process of installing cheap DID media player to stream programs locally from the Isuma catalog. The locals in the 10 communities are learning to create films and some are already into it, putting their work in their own local playlists. Isuma plans to put up a TV station as well.

    The Digital Indigenous Democracy got its start after Zacharias Kunuk intervened formally during the proposed Baffinland iron mine hearings in 2012. He presented Isuma video interviews and call-in radio shows, arguing that the multimedia conversations clearly indicated the obligation to consult and inform the indigenous people. Isuma later broadcast the Baffinland mine hearings in Pond Inlet and Igloolik live, which prompted the inclusion of multimedia consultations with the indigenous community throughout the mining project.

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    uploaded date: 23-01-2014

  • DID in the News!

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    Isuma TV set to broadcast Mary River hearings

    Nunavut Impact Review Board hearings scheduled for Jan. 27 to Jan. 31 in Pond Inlet


    Isuma TV will do live coverage of the Nunavut Impact Review Board’s public hearings on Baffinland Iron Mine Corp.’s scaled-back Mary River project, set to take place Jan. 27 to Jan. 31 in Pond Inlet.

    NIRB’s hearings will assess the potential impacts of Baffinland’s revised plan to extract and ship iron ore out of a mine some 160 kilometres south of Pond Inlet.

    Plans drafted in 2012 called for the ore to be transported south by rail to Steensby Port, and out of Steensby Inlet south of the mine.

    After public hearings by the NIRB, the Baffinland received a project certificate for the first version of their proposal.

    The corporation changed those plans at the start of 2013.

    To cut costs and earn sales revenue more quickly, Baffinland proposed instead to transport the material north of the mine and out of Milne Inlet, at the north end of Baffin Island. This plan calls for ore to be shipped out of a facility called Milne Port, near Pond Inlet.

    As it did in 2012, IsumaTV will broadcast NIRB’s next hearings via online radio and video through its Digital Indigenous Democracy site.

    “These hearings are likely to be more contentious than the first round in 2012,” IsumaTV stated in a news release announcing its broadcast plan, Jan. 20. “Both the Hamlet of Pond Inlet and the community’s Hunters and Trappers Organization as well as two individuals from the community, have filed formal interventions.”

    The online broadcaster announced it will stream each day of the NIRB hearings live in Inuktitut and English, starting Jan. 27 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, through Igloolik’s online radio hub.

    Also, Zacharias Kunuk of IsumaTV will host a live bilingual TV talk show every evening after each day’s hearing “to address issues raised at the hearings with community members and participants,” the broadcaster said in the release.

    Live video coverage and additional footage will also be available on the site.

    IsumaTV’s live audio coverage and Kunuk’s daily webcast “will also be broadcast through local community radio channels and IsumaTV’s television network in Arviat, Cambridge Bay, Igloolik, Taloyoak, and Pond Inlet,” the broadcaster said.

    NIRB’s hearings take place at Pond Inlet’s Community Hall every day, Jan. 27 to 31, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    The Nunavut Planning Commission has already held public hearings on the project in five communities, Jan. 7 to 10, to verify that the revised transport route for the ore complies with the North Baffin regional land use plan

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    uploaded date: 22-01-2014

  • “Wanorazi Yumneze” documentary film made available online: An IsumaTV exclusive

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    channel: Isuma News

    Montreal, May 31, 2013 – IsumaTV is proud to announce the digital release of the documentary film “Wanorazi Yumneze” by Troy Stozek with direction from grassroots First Nations leaders from across the Prairies, now available for streaming and full quality download at

    “Wanorazi Yumneze” is a documentary film that aims to begin a much-needed conversation between indigenous and non-indigenous groups in Canada about how people, wildlife and the environment are impacted by industrial developments.

    Wanorazi Yumneze means “awakening spirit” in Nakoda. The film’s spirit captures those of Canada’s First Nations who, despite the challenges they have endured and continue to face, are now beginning to strengthen and awaken, aided by their deep-rooted cultures, traditions, knowledge and communities.

    The film gives First Nations communities and Elders a platform to voice their concerns about mining and gas development on their lands while featuring research from the In Land and Life (ILAL) project, a cross-cultural study focused on education and information-sharing between Western scientific and Indigenous circles.

    As an IsumaTV exclusive, this valuable and stirring film can now be streamed online or downloaded free of charge. Streaming is available in high and low quality versions for viewers in high or low Internet bandwidth areas, making the film easily accessible to all including those in remote communities.

    Through the IsumaTV’s Internet Television Network, the film is also made available to community TV managers in Igloolik (channel 9), Cambridge Bay (channel 51), Taloyoak (channel 51) and other northern communities for local television broadcast. See Digital Indigenous Democracy at

    IsumaTV is an indigenous, interactive, multimedia website with over 4,000 films and videos online in 56 languages. IsumaTV was launched in January 2008 by Isuma Distribution International, as a partnership with the Nunavut Independent Television Network (NITV), imagineNATIVE Film+Media Arts Festival, Vtape, Native Communications Society of the NWT and Igloolik Isuma Productions Inc., producers of the award-winning Inuit-language feature films: Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, The Journals of Knud Rasmussen, and Before Tomorrow.


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    uploaded date: 31-05-2013