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17 April 2010

11567 ḵing gan

A Collage of some aspects out of my work as an artist.

A Site for Donald Morin to share his filmmaking experience as a student artist, filmmaker, performer, and Teacher.

Introduction will be a short narrative on my experiences as a young filmmaker switching from 16mm film to desktop video then to digital media




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2013, Mr. Morin just finished supporting the coordinators of The Neechie Festival, a benefit fundraiser for the Southern Indigenous People affected by the flooding Outside of Calgary Alberta. IT was held at Hobbema Reserve, where Donald performed a three song set as well as recorded most of the audio and visuals for the two day event coproduced by Identity Records. May, he was the Technical Director and co-co-ordinator of The Edmonton Red Jam Slam Event with co-ordinator Carrie Lawrence.

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