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"A profound, elemental and hauntingly beautiful period drama that makes an intimate story of endurance into a metaphor for an entire culture."


"Before Tomorrow is remarkable more for its joy and beauty than its notes of tragedy and despair."

Eye Weekly-Jason Anderson 090325

"A mythic quality, a sense of symbolism and spirits that seem to rise from the tundra.... Before Tomorrow is about the end of the end."

National Post - Jay Stone 090326

"The film is beautiful to behold...well acted...thoughtfully dramatic."

Canoe Sun Media - Bruce Kirkland 090327

"Mesmerizingly beautiful, with heartbreaking performances by the principals, this third film in the trilogy from Igloolik Isuma Productions...has maybe 10 pages of dialogue, but it flies by."


"A stunning achievement... re-imagines Canada's wilderness legacy from a distinctly Aboriginal point of view."






30 October 2009

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