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Iauaretê, Waterfall of the jaguars (english subtitles)


05 December 2014

2693 ḵing gan

 Indigenous People: Tariano

A mythic tale ilustrated by the stones of a waterfall, the reconstruction of a great maloca (traditional house), the attempt to get back some objects kept for years in a museum in Manaus. In "Iauaretê, Waterfall of the Jaguars", the Tariano indians, from the Northeast of the Amazon, after decades of missionary catechism missionária, decide to register their culture for the future generations.

2006 | 48 min
Direction: Vincent Carelli
Cinematography: Vincent Carelli and Altair Paixão
Editing: Joana Collier
Realization: IPHAN / Vídeo nas Aldeias

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48m 17s


Brasil, Tariano, vídeo nas aldeias

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