IBC Channel 2 Video Descriptions

August 18, 2018: The video descriptions in this file/on this Channel were created as part of IBC’s 2015-16 project funded by Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development’s Cultural Education Centres Program and the Government of Nunavut’s Dept. of Culture and Heritage.

The videos listed in the file and their descriptions can be viewed on IBC's Channel 2 at: www.isuma.tv/ibc-2.

IBC also has the following other Channels on the Isuma.tv web platform:

http://www.isuma.tv/pituqait - new 2018 episodes (2016-17 episodes remain).
http://www.isuma.tv/takuginai-web-series - new 2018 episodes.
http://www.isuma.tv/takuginai-web-series-archives - 2015-2017 episodes.
http://www.isuma.tv/ibc - 821 including 200 new uploads in 2018 from the IFVA.
http://www.isuma.tv/ibc-3 - 200 in 2017 from the IFVA.
http://www.isuma.tv/takuginai-educator-series - 161 clips of Takuginai with descriptions in 2016 from the IFVA.

Channel 2 contains 360 videos on 30 web pages. Our priority was to upload Inuktitut (Inuktut) videos, but a number may include some English or English sub-titling. We apologize for any duplicate videos you may find.

This file contains approx. 306 video descriptions. The descriptions of the videos are in English with Inuktitut words also provided in some cases. The descriptions include only a brief outline of the content.

While some groups of videos may be listed below in the order that they appear on-line, the overall list is not sequential. A web link to each video has been provided at the beginning of the description.

To refresh content/make space for newer uploads of IBC videos on IBC’s Channels, a number of the videos included in this document may have been deleted. For any URLs below that result in ‘page not found’ this is the reason. We apologize for the inconvenience. However, IBC retains all videos that have been posted on this platform on hard drives at the Inuit Film and Video Archives (IFVA) in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and in Ottawa, if they are of interest.

For copies of videos, please email: info@inuitbroadcasting.ca and include the URL to assist with the search.



18 August 2018


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