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16 March 2019


 Program: Takuyaksat – was a Baker Lake production involving cultural activities, storytelling, hunting, sewing, and legends.

Producer: Baker Lake Inuit Broadcasting, Nunavut
Host: Simeon Mikkungwak

Segment 1: Baker Lake hunter, Barnabus Usuaq, relates a story where he shot a caribou which was noticeably different from other caribou. The meat seemed different but his wife cooked it anyway and they both ate the meat and came down with food poisoning.

Segment 2:
Raymond Bourget, Baker Lake wildlife officer, has identified wolves and foxes with rabies and talks about the danger of rabies and how residents need to be careful with meat storage outside the homes.

Segment 3: Bernie Haqpi performs on the piano.

The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, established in Canada's territory of Nunavut, has been producing Inuit language video, by, for and about Inuit since 1981. This video is from their collection and has been made available on the Internet for your enjoyment through funding provided by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut.

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