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02 February 2018


 Inukshuk (Land Mark): This series explores Inuit legends, skills and beliefs through dramatization, conversation and electronic wizardry. Topics which have been explored on Inukshuk include traditional clothing making, living inside an igloo and the making of sleds out of caribou skin. Relying on the unique traditions of the inland caribou Inuit from Baker Lake area, Inukshuk compliments Baker Lake productions. Inukshuk is a half hour program for the 16 to 60 year age group produced in Baker Lake, Nunavut. Language: Inuktitut.

Host: Micheal Haqpi

Segment 1: Peter Qalugark talks about traditional preparation for winter with food and clothing. He describes what type of fur is best for clothing and also how to prepare and use acaribou meat cache.

Segment 2: Jacob Ikinilik explains the uses of antler, bone and rock for tools and implements such as sun glasses.

Segment 3: Peter Qalugak explains the uses of caribou bones.

Segment 4: Men creating Inuit art by carving soap stone.

The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, established in Canada's territory of Nunavut, has been producing Inuit language video, by, for and about Inuit since 1981. This video is from their collection and has been made available on the Internet for your enjoyment through funding provided by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut.

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