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Noah Piugattuk Tape 6


03 September 2009


Noah Piugattuk was one of the must respected elders in Igloolik and the chief of the last family asked by the RCMP to leave the outpost camp and settle in Igloolik. This video is part of an interview series produced by the IBC about him where he talks about this experience.


Producer's Name: IBC

Country: Canada

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    August 18, 2018: The video descriptions included in this document were created as part of the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation's 2015-16 project funded by the Library and Archives Canada Documentary Heritage Community Program and in 2016-18 funded by Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development’s Cultural Education Centres Program and the Government of Nunavut's Dept.

    uploaded date: 18-08-2018

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    Nunavummi Iqqaumajavut

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     Since the 1970’s, IBC has been recording Inuit stories from an Inuit perspective – an estimated 9,000 hours of unique footage. In 2015, we began the process of cataloguing and digitizing these videos and have created the Inuit Film and Video Archive. Videos can be accessed online at www.isuma.tv/ibc.

    uploaded date: 03-08-2018