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    The Inuusivut Project is a national initiative of the Embrace Life Council and the National Inuit Youth Council. The primary objective of the project is to learn, document and share - through a variety of multi-media techniques - how Inuit perceive, express, develop, foster and promote mental health.… Read more

    uploaded date: 04-02-2010

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    Increasing Youth Capacity to Promote Mental Health Issues

    One of the main objectives of the Inuusivut project is to increase community capacity to promote mental health.

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    uploaded date: 30-06-2009

  • Partners

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    Partners and supporters of Inuusivut

    Inuusivut partners provide direction, feedback and support to the project, ensuring its success.

    Embrace Life Council

    The Embrace Life Council is administering the Inuusivut Project.  Established in 2003, the Embrace Life Council works to support and encourage Nunavummiut to value life.

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    uploaded date: 30-06-2009

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    Volunteer Donate Contribute Share Help

    The Inuusivut project operates thanks to a 2.5 year (ending March, 2010) contribution from Health Canada’s First Nations & Inuit Health Branch. Funding is also raised through other sources on a project by project basis to cover project expenses.

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    uploaded date: 30-06-2009

  • Contact

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    Your input, comments and questions are welcome!

    To contact Inuusivut:

    Phone: 867.979.1973
    Fax: 867.975.3234


    PO Box 2259
    Iqaluit, Nunavut

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    uploaded date: 12-05-2009

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"Aputili?" or "Where's the snow?" Video


16 October 2009


We just finished a short film by Roselynn Akulukjuk called "Aputili?". The name of this cilmate change related piece aptly translates as  "Where's the snow?".

Working with Roselynn on this project was amazing. Her and fellow filmmaker and researcher Julie Alivaktuk wanted to interview a local elder about climate change. We visited Anna Akulukjuk and she told us some riveting stories about her life and the changes that she's seen. She talked about growing up and sewing caribou parkas and eating frozen fish because it was so cold in the old days. Now, the weather is hotter, and the warm parkas of the past are not needed much anymore. A simple yet direct observation of how the Arctic and its people are being affected by the warming. Anna indicates that there's not as much snow and sea ice as there used to be. Hence the name of the film: Aputili?

This project was remarkable on a number of fronts. Roselynn and Julie's enthusiasm for filmmaking, interviewing elders, and actually reliving the past was absolutely awesome. Check out the traditional tatoos that Roselynn had painted on to get into character. Very cool. Working with these two young women has been inspiring and intense. I particularly like Roselynn's video given that it's entirely in Inuktitut and uses an elder's words for its content. These young women have mastered both research and filmmaking. Enjoy.




Filmmaker: Roselynn Akulukjuk

Filmmaker Contact:

Producer's Name: Igloolik Isuma Productions and Innusivut

Year of Production: 2009

Country: Canada

Region: Pangnirtung

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2m 44s

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