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Canadian Tourism Federation Spoof


22 October 2009


Today, I'm uploading some footage from the spoof website of "The Canadian Tourism Federation", which was put together by "a small group of concerned Canadians in Winnipeg and Toronto who are ashamed that a democratic country as prosperous as Canada has done so little to combat climate change". I also happen to know some of these pranksters and thought I'd take the opportunity to promote their - what I think is - hilarious work.

One of the members of the group stated: "Some might disagree with our use of satire, but until we have a meaningful national dialogue on how Canada will begin to bring down emissions, we need to find new ways to spark a much-needed debate". So, like my last silent film post by Julie, comedy continues to be used as a way to draw attention to the very serious issue of climate change. For more information about the Canadian Tourism Federation check out their website at:

Canadian Tourism Federation

Personally, I think the premise of these spoof ads pokes fun at the perspective that some Canadians have regarding climate change, which is that a warmer climate might actually make life nicer. Well, with climate change there are definitely going to be winners and losers, and I'd argue that the inhabitants - human and otherwise - of the Arctic will likely be in the latter camp. We need to take a holistic view regarding cilmate change and consider the global impacts that it will have on all peoples and places.



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