The Isuma Book is an iterative online publication. New content is released each month from May to November during the period of the 58th Biennale di Venezia, including essays, interviews, podcasts, images and historical research.

The Isuma Book begins with the publishing of the script in Inuktitut and English for One Day in the life of Noah Piugattuk, Isuma’s most recent feature-length video. The script centers on an April 1961 encounter in the high Arctic, the day when Noah Piugattuk and his family were ordered to leave their homeland and relocate to the settlement of Igloolik. For Piugattuk, this encounter set the mechanics of colonialism in motion and the modern Inuit self-determination movement of which he was a part.

The Isuma Book also begins with the publishing of hundreds of images that offer a view into Isuma’s work since 1985. This growing archive documents a practice that privileges media, material and narrative invention. The images reveal how each production is made—from the sewing of costumes to the building of props to setting up a scene—and who was involved. Together they form a picture of Inuit self-representation. 

In the spirit of working together for a common purpose, The Isuma Book includes multiple voices, media and topics. Commissioned essays and republished texts cover subjects such as the origins of Isuma Productions and Isuma TV; the media environment in Nunavut in the 1990s and 2000s; the impact of forced relocation of Inuit and its intersection with the Cold War; and the ways in which Isuma’s practice resonates with subsequent generations of Inuk filmmakers and scholars. 

In the spirit of media democracy, the book is free and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. At the close of the biennial the digital book will be released in print. The Isuma Book is the most comprehensive book on Isuma to date, spanning more than three decades of practice.

The Isuma Book Editorial Board was created to have many voices to include a wide selection of content for the digital and printed Isuma Book. Editorial Board is composed of Asinnajaq, Gabriela Gamez, Cecilia Greyson, Candice Hopkins, Gillian Robinson, Lucy Tulugarjuk who meet bi-weekly from November, 2018 to November 2019 to discuss content and engage new writings and artist's projects around content and new film.