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Nika Vaughan

Image: An artist response to One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk

As an artist response to One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk, it was hard to wrap my head around how to approach these works. I wanted to make my best effort, and for me that usually means taking risks. My work is not focused on details, but rather I work quickly and try to feel my way into the subject matter, capturing emotion through gesture, mark making and areas of detail. After much deliberation I ended up jumping in, working from a still photograph of Noah Piugattuk, against a snowy horizon line, gazing into the distance towards some unknown point, as small figures behind him walk away.

Tarralik Duffy

Image: Kapuivik is my home

Tarralik is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who lives and works between Salliq (Coral Harbour), NU and Saskatoon, SK. From jewellery and apparel to graphic works, Duffy's creative output shares distinctly Inuit experiences, which are often infused with a dose of humour and pop culture.

Integration and Fracture

Image: The Religious Divide, Jim Taylor

 My research into the Inuit relocations and Noah’s story inspired me to paint a number of works exploring themes that arose from this journey and really impacted me.