Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum

5 films, 1 audio CD, Inuit Studies Reader anthology, plus 100 page Curriculum Guide Suitable for teachers Grades 4-6

Bringing Inuit culture into primary schools for the International Polar Year, Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum (EICC) is a multi-media unit for grades 4-6 about Inuit culture, the Arctic and Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut. Lesson plans aligned to elementary curricula are based on five DVDs and a music CD from the Igloolik Isuma Productions media collection. Following a 100-page curriculum guide written and field-tested by elementary school teachers, teachers and students explore the richness of Inuit culture and unique Canadian Arctic from an Inuit point of view. Download a PDF flyer or Sample Lesson Plan (requires Acrobat reader).

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  • CD Unikkaat Sivunittinnit: Messages from the Past

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    Recorded in 1991, this CD collection of traditional ajaja songs sung by Elders of Igloolik records twenty-four ‘known’ song-stories of the last Inuit generation born into the ancient lifestyle, and the first to move into the modern world of today.

    uploaded date: 23-11-2017

  • Soundtrack - Atanarjuat The Fast Runner

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    The unique soundtrack CD of Igloolik Isuma Productions' acclaimed first feature film, Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, winner of the 2001 Cannes Film Festival Camera d’or and Canada’s Best Picture Genie for 2002. The soundtrack CD features music by Huun-Huur-Tu, Christopher Mad'dene, traditional Inuit ajaja songs and throat singing, and original music by Chris Crilly.

    uploaded date: 23-11-2017

  • Isuma Inuit Studies Reader

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    204 pages, edited by Gillian Robinson

    An anthology of selections from a wide variety of sources including explorer journals, missionary accounts, Inuit oral histories, commentaries, poems, songs and stories with illustrations and photographs, 204 pages, softcover.

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