Gabriela Gámez Gaitán

Project Director

Since 2007 Gámez has been in charge of the creation, development and content coordination of IsumaTV and other social innovation projects with different communities in the Canadian Arctic and Latin America. Since 2010 she has been in charged of the development of the Mediaplayer project. She was in charge of creating and updating the web platform for Digital Indigenous Democracy, a project that uses internet, community radio, local TV and social media to amplify Inuit traditional knowledge and build bridges of communication among the communities, mining companies and government. She was project manager and one of the conceptors of Time Machine, a project for youth and elders, designed to make comic stories on the web using computers, iPods or any mobile device. She developed ARTCO (Artisans of Today’s Communities), a project in which Inuit and Cree children make links between communities in conflict through the use of new media tools within a multidisciplinary artistic process. Gámez coordinated DIAMA (Digitizing Inuit and Aboriginal Media Archive) a project that digitized more than 400 hours of indigenous multimedia archives within Canada and worldwide. In Mexico she worked as a consultant and project coordinator for UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization), ILO (United Nation’s agency for International Labour Organization), SEP (Education Department of the Mexican Government), and SEDESOL (Social Department of Mexican Government). Born in Mexico, Gámez is a Mexican and Canadian citizen living in Montreal.


19 March 2019


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