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11 April 2013


Local Television.
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5h 47m 33s


AB Nunavut


  • Duration: 50m 13s

    April 2013 visit to Arctic Bay by Zacharias Kunuk and Jon Frantz.

  • 00:50 Documentaries | Exile Nutaunikut

    Duration: 48m 16s

    In 1953, Inuit families were forcibly relocated to the uninhabited and inhospitable high arctic, 1500 kilometres north of their traditional homeland of Nunavik, in northern Québec, to extend Canadian claims of sovereignty to Ellesmere Island. Inuit endured families torn apart and many years of hardship.

  • 01:38 Shorts | Tungijuq (What We Eat)

    Duration: 7m 23s

    Tungijuq (What We Eat), Isuma, Kunuk Cohn Productions 2009, Producer Stephane Rituit, Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael, Zacharias Kunuk. Inuktut.

    Inuit jazz throat-singer Tanya Tagaq, and Cannes-winning filmmaker Zacharias Kunuk, talk back to Brigitte Bardot and anti-sealhunting lobby on the eternal reality of hunting.

  • Duration: 32m 35s

    Synopsis: This film shows the inspiration, often related to belief in the supernatural, behind Inuit sculpture. The Inuit's approach to the work is to release the image the artist sees imprisoned in the rough stone. The film centres on an old legend about the carving of the image of a sea spirit to bring food to a hungry camp.

    Filmmaker: John Feeney

  • 02:18 Perspectives | Pitaqangittuq

    Duration: 32m 2s

    In the isolated arctic community of Pitaqangittuq (Nunavut), the climate is warming at an alarming rate, but it’s inhabitants are determined to adapt to their changing world by utilizing their ancestral survival skills and creativity.

    Production year: 2010

    Format: HDV

    Directors: Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladain, Félix Pharand D., Nicolas Tardif

  • Duration: 1h 3m 50s

    NITV: Nunatinni (At Our Place). Local news and culture from Igloolik.

    Includes raw footage of Qaggiq, Tami Uttuq's story of travelling from Arctic Bay to Pond Inlet.

    Filmmaker Contact:

    Host: Carol Kunuk

    Switcher: Natar Ungalaq

    Producer's Name: NITV

  • Duration: 1h 6s

    NITV: Nunatinni (At Our Place). Local news and culture from Igloolik.

    Segment 1- Dogteam Race from Pond Inlet to Arctic Bay (Part 2);

    Segment 2- Igloolik Weddings

    Filmmaker Contact:

    Host: Carol Kunuk

    Camera: Natar Ungalaq

    Producer's Name: NITV

    Country: Canada

  • Duration: 24m 10s

    Program name: Kippinguijautiit

  • Duration: 28m 54s

    Igloolik, Spring 1946. Seal pups: springtime delicacy, prized for their soft fur and tender meat. When the pups start coming out on the ice, even small children and grandmothers can hunt.

    Packed up to travel, the families move slowly over the wet ice, through lakes of fresh melting snow, hunting on the way. Finding the breathing holes is a joyful game for everyone.

Tukisigiarviit: Arctic Bay Television