• Frances Abele

    uumunga: Frances Abele

    A channel of commentary or related documents posted by Dr. Frances Abele, Head, Carleton Centre for Community Innovation, at the School of Public Policy and Administration, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Abele is one of the co-founders of Digital Indigenous Democracy, see www.isuma.tv/DID.


  • ARTCO Video Workshop

    uumunga: David Ertel

    VIDEO – Workshop by Diego Rivera

    Children, teachers and community organizers learn how to use video as a tool to expand attention and for storytelling. Using this video technique, Cree and Inuit children explore their daily practices.



    uumunga: David Ertel

    ARTCO nunalikni isumagijarminnik saqitittijut piliriurijaujuq kingulliit saqitirijanut ammalu Qarisaujakkurunnautiliutiuliqtunik qimirujanniqalugit qangiqsimjuni ammalu Ullumiujumi qanuilingaujumik , qaniliurniqarunnaqulugit qangiqsimajuni ammalu ullumiujumi Sivuniksattivakqanirmut


  • Inuujait

    uumunga: Carol Kunnuk

    Three elders from Igloolik are making inuujait ( inuit traditional dolls )  so that this skill is not forgotten. They also demonstrate the cultural changes that recent generations of Inuit went through in the last 100 years by creating three families of inuujait : an old time family living in a qarmaq, a family of the 50's and a contemporary family.


  • National Aboriginal Day at the U of Regina

    uumunga: JCrowe

     The Aboriginal Student Centre (ASC) at the University of Regina has planned and coordinated National Aboriginal Day celebrations since 2008, normally to be held on the Dr. Lloyd Barber Academic Green at the centre of the University campus.