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Lola Andere, Mazahua (speaking Mazahua)


02 June 2009


My mother tongue is Mazahua. Ever since my parents taught me, I have kept on speaking it.

I love speaking Mazahua. I combine both, Spanish and Mazahua, when I speak.

Very few people of my family still know how to speak Mazahua, the majority of them speak Spanish.

I would like to show [this video] to other people, my nephews and my grandchildren.

I have tried to teach my son how to speak Mazahua but he doesn’t want to learn, he doesn’t like it. He says it sound ugly. I have told him that’s not true. It’s actually beautiful. I would feel proud if he could speak.

There are words in Mazahua that you can write and there are words that you can’t.

We speak Mazahua when we do not want other people to understand us.

Filmmaker: Gabriela Gamez

Filmmaker Contact:

Year of Production: 2009

Country: Mexico

Region: San Pedro de los Baños

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2m 13s


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Tukisigiarviit: Gabriela Gamez