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The Journals of Knud Rasmussen

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About the Film

"We believe happy people should not worry about hidden things. Our spirits are offended if we think too much." - Avva

After completing “Atanarjuat The Fast Runner,” set in the mythological past in a community whose balance of life had not changed for 4,000 years, Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn chose to depict a series of events that took place in 1922, when Shamanism was replaced by Christianity – and the balance of life was changed forever.

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About the Cast

In an oral culture that never anchored its history with pen and paper, digital technology today affords new opportunities for storytellers. High-definition cameras are particularly well suited to the ancient art and values of Inuit storytelling, which invites viewers directly into a world of sentient beings – with no introductions – welcome to watch, listen and think for themselves.

About the Production Team

Zacharias Kunuk's first feature, "Atanarjuat The Fast Runner", won the Camera d'or at Cannes 2001 and Best Picture at Canada's 2002 Genie Awards. He is president and co-founder in 1990 of Igloolik Isuma Productions, Canada's first Inuit-owned independent production company.

Story Synopsis

Iglulik, 1922-23. Real people, actual events.

The great shaman, Avva, and his family are living on the land some distance from Iglulik, his home community that lately has taken up the teachings of Christian missionaries.

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Live on the set during the making of The journals of Knud Rasmussen: on location in the arctic in spring of 2005

Travel to the high Arctic community of Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada and learn more about the film, as well as the historical events and people depicted in the story.