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self-portrait in revolutions


14 January 2010


Synopsis: Created for exhibition as a video installation artwork, the video plays continuously on a monitor embedded in a large white wall or sheet of white fabric, creating a small moving-image 'painting' within an expanse of white space.

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This piece was inspired by a woman I saw twirling in the summer rain on an Edmonton side street as I drove by. The endless revolutions are also an ode to the circularity and movement inherent to all tribal cultural understandings of life. Circular movement is recognized in different cultures throughout the world as being sacred, and creating this piece is like making my own human prayer wheel.




Filmmaker: Jude Norris


Producer:  Jude Norris

Year of Production: 2008

Distributor Information:

Country:  Canada

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Tukisigiarviit: Jude Norris aka Tatakwan