• 29m 22s

    00416IQ+1988-Inuk Inuit In London

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Producer: Igloolik - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Narration and Interviewer: Elizabeth Davidee
    Camera: Paul Apak Angilirq

    Live Exhibit at the Museum in London, England and a tour

    George Qulaut, Rebecca Maliki, and Victor Aqatsiaq participate in a live exhibit at the museum depicting the traditional life of Inuit in the Arctic.


    uploaded date: 31-05-2015

  • 2m 33s

    Photos' exhibition in Uummannaq Library

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    channel: bertrandlozay

    Photos' exhibition in Uummannaq Library about Chukotka tour, opening during the KulturNat (24/01/2015)


    That video was broadcasted on KNR in Nunatsinnit TV-program:


    (25 minutes, Greenlandic, no English subtitles)


    uploaded date: 29-01-2015