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15th Jan 2019 – 24th Comment - Pond Inlet - Inuktitut


01 February 2019


Many hunters have lost income and we haven't seen any benefits towards the community and not making good on the agreements that was put in paper.

Working along with NIRB and HTO. Have not discussed hunters’ impacts. Many hunters have lost economic opportunities, HTOs as well. Who will compensate them? These matters need to be negotiated with NIRB and Inuit. It was not planned in the IIBA. Other things that are negative, in the mining sites they are using things that are having impacts on the hunters (mining equipment?). Must be negotiated. Don’t have the benefits that should be getting (article 7). Agreements have not been put in place, this must be done first of all. It would be better for everyone. Because everything is changing in the world, everything is difficult to come by.


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