Outdoor performance in Igloolik

Artcirq showing off skills in Igloolik. 

Guests visit Artcirq and performing outside some more

Some visiting guests join us and there are some more outside performances. 

Performance in the space pt 2, and outside

Performance in the Artcirq space, part 2, and some more outside and elsewhere! 

Performance in the space

Performance in the Artcirq space! 

Practicing everywhere

Practicing and performing outside, inside, and all over the place. 

Circus on ice

Artcirq on ice! Performances outside in Nunavut. 

Artcirq show from 2011

Video of an Artcirq show from 2011. Enjoy! 

More of Artcirq in Igloolik

Artcirq teaches and performs in Igloolik, some more! 

Artcirq up north

Artcirq's travels up north... 

Artcirq is a big job...but someone has to do it!

Some in-depth behind the scenes footage of Artcirq's very big job... 

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