• 1m 31s

    Summer shelter workshop

    uploaded by: Nancy Mackin

    channel: Cambridge Bay | Iqaluktuuttiaq | ᐃᖃᓗᒃᑑᑦᑎᐊᖅ

     This short video was the first stage of a year-long project investigating traditional shelters of the high Arctic. Although modern materials were employed, traditional methods were used such as tying the structure together and using rocks for foundation and to weight down the waterproof covering. Health Canada's Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program funded the project, led by Dr.

    uploaded date: 26-07-2016

  • 8m 1s

    Lafken Ñi Az - The Ocean Reveals its Knowledge

    uploaded by: Escuela de Cine y Comunicacion Mapuche

    channel: Escuela de Cine y Comunicacion Mapuche del Aylla Rewe Budi

    The ocean, with its colours, sounds and energies infuse with spirit and wisdom the dialogue between two young girls and their grandfathers. We, Mapuche Lafkenche, observe the ocean's Az so that we may become one with it, maintaining the balance of our relationship with this space that we call Lafkenmapu.

    uploaded date: 30-03-2016

  • 36s

    Kelsey's PSA

    uploaded by: ARVIATTV

    channel: ARVIATTV

    PSA created by Kelsey Budden of Arviat encouraging young people to attend school.

    uploaded date: 08-05-2014

  • 56s

    Kalene's language video

    uploaded by: ARVIATTV

    channel: ARVIATTV

    This video was made by Kalene Gibbons.  She entered it in the Dept. of Education's video contest dealing with Inuktitut preservation and won a Blackberry Playbook for her efforts.

    uploaded date: 08-05-2014

  • 1m 42s

    One Minute forty three seconds of Thought

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin

    channel: DAMMEDIA

    Music written and performed by Donald Morin Fender Stratocaster backup drums, bass and percussion created on the old Commodore Amiga System.

    Hi, 2015, I decided to change  earlier pic upload to this schematic from my first production after my 1989 SFU degree in BC, my first  published radio play.

    uploaded date: 04-05-2014

  • 2m 27s

    Let's Talk Science in Arviat!

    uploaded by: ARVIATTV

    channel: ARVIATTV

    Arviat welcomed Let's Talk Science this February! The national science education and outreach organization has been supporting our youth since last year when Ethan took part in the RADI-N2 and You Action Project. 

    So we were absolutely thrilled to welcome them to Arviat for the first time in person! 

    uploaded date: 06-03-2014

  • 3m 17s

    Energy Drink

    uploaded by: JeffRoss

    channel: JeffRoss

    I want people to laugh so I made this.

    This short video is taken in Hall beach gas bar.



    uploaded date: 23-10-2013

  • 2m

    UVANGA Trailer

    uploaded by: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

    channel: Arnait Video Productions

    A Montréal woman and her 14-year-old son travel to the High Arctic so he can meet his late father’s Inuit family for the first time.

    An Arnait Video Productions & Kunuk Cohn Productions Productions

    uploaded date: 07-10-2013

  • 7m 55s

    Everything is so Beautiful!

    uploaded by: tahkina

    channel: tahkina

    Everything is capable of being beautiful.

    The video is made last year by KIA's Summer Students Presley Taylor and Melynda Minilgak.

    uploaded date: 18-07-2013

  • 3m 47s


    uploaded by: BearBerry Camp

    channel: AanimII Atjecoutay

    Serpent-Bird man, feathered serpent, thunderbird underwater serpent or underwater-panther is the connecting factor between the west north east and south and the center, the grasslands are the meeting point of all the people, the RED Talkers are the intelligentsia-visoinaries and contraries that maintain a complex interaction on a large scale, science is a limited means of transmitting knowledge

    uploaded date: 25-11-2012