IsumaTV at Open Video Conference

IsumaTV are headed to New York this weekend for the second annual Open Video Conference. The event brings together a wide array of participants, from technologists, academics, entrepreneurs, artists, filmmakers, video creators, remixers, activists, archivists, as and online video audiences. The foundation of the event is to explore the boundaries and possibilities of online video technologies, and the future of online video.

IsumaTV will participate in panels and workshops that will share ideas behind both DIAMA and the Locals Servers projects.

Teague Schneiter - consultant for IsumaTV - will participate in a panel called 'Preserving Our Audiovisual Heritage: Archives Show and Tell' to discuss our DIAMA project. Panel will be about how old video can find new life, new uses, new contexts beyond their original intention. Panelists will discuss changing concept of the archive in the world of open video.

Technology Director John Hodgins will participate in OVC workshop called 'Building Solutions for Human Rights Video' to discuss our Local Servers Project. The workshop will attempt to identify practical solutions for challenges in delivering human rights and social justice-oriented video. Topics include: rapid media creation for crisis, deployment of video in low-bandwidth environments, hybrid distribution strategies, and more.


30 September 2010


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